Sometimes cash on deposit is the only option

I’ve got a bit of a reputation as an amateur money expert amongst those close to me. This often means I’m asked advice on money matters (I hasten to add that I always make it clear that I don’t mind pointing them in the right direction, but the final decision has to be theirs).

So when a relative asked where they should put a few hundred Pounds a month, I got out the Best Buy tables and got stuck in.

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And the winner is…

So the quest for a new online broker is complete.

As I embark on my new venture as the Amateur Investor, I want to be able to concentrate on investing and not be worrying about dealing commissions and other fees. I envisage I will be a regular trader, and regular trading usually means regular dealing commissions!

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The blogs, websites and podcasts I rate

If I think back to when I first ventured into the world of shares, I find amazing just how much information is available at the fingertips of today’s investor.

Back when I first started buying and selling shares I subscribed to a service called ShareScope, which is still around today.
I seem to remember having to download a file at the end of the day which contained updates to news, share prices etc.

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Cheap Online Share Dealing

In my quest to make my hard earned money work as hard as possible, I need to find a cheap online broker so that the dealing fees I incur have the minimum effect on my portfolio’s profitability.

As I mentioned in a previous post, dealing fees can eat into your capital, so the less I spend buying and selling shares, the more money I have to invest.
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Share Tips

By know you will have worked out that I’m an amateur (investor). So how will I be deciding which shares to buy?

Well for a few years now, I have been a subscriber to both Investors Chronicle and Shares magazines. They are a good starting point for me as (I assume) a lot of time has gone into the articles in the magazines and the share tips they make.
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Finding an online broker

So first things first. If I’m going to embark on my new life as an amateur investor, I need to find an online broker.

I already have online accounts with Hargreaves Lansdown (for my SIPP) and Norwich & Peterborough Building Society (N&P) for general share dealing, but I’ve decided that I’m going to open a new account with an online broker.
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Welcome to the Amateur Investor – An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the first entry on the new Amateur Investor website.

As a small time amateur investor for years I have been buying and selling shares, bonds, PIBS and the like for more years than I care to remember. I have also (especially in recent years) made sure that my cash is earning as much interest as possible.

But after nearly 2 years of exceptionally low interest rates, I have decided that I am going to step up my investing a notch or two.

With the base rate standing at 0.5% and inflation well above the Bank of England target rate (2%) cash on deposit is losing value in real terms. So in an attempt to make my hard-earned cash work harder I have decided to move some of my cash into the stock market.

So this is the start of my journey. It could be a bumpy ride!